Combined Likelihood Ratio Test for Candidate Gene Studies, Version 1.0

The Combined Likelihood Ratio Test (Combined_LRT) is an extension of the original likelihood ratio test (LRT) proposed by Weinberg et al. (1999) to test child genotype risk, maternal genotype effects and parent-of-origin (POO) effects. This program uses single locus genotype data from case-parent triads to fit a log-linear model with genotype and imprinting effects at a candidate gene. The model is fit to bi-allelic data with possible missing genotype data for the mother or father, and includes sibling genotypes. Likelihood ratio tests for parameter effects are obtained from program output.

Reference:   Rampersaud E, Morris RW, Weinberg CR, Speer MC, Martin ER. Power calculations for likelihood ratio tests for offspring genotype risks, maternal effects, and parent-of-origin (POO) effects in the presence of missing parental genotypes when unaffected siblings are available. Genet Epidemiol. 2006 Nov 9

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