Genetic Association Tests based on Ranks (GATOR) Program, Version 1.0

GATOR is a program that implements the family-based association method for quantitative traits with and without censoring described in Allen et al. (2006). This program is distinctive in that it can handle quantitative phenotypes with skewed distributions, censored data, and/or outliers. Currently the program focuses on bi-allelic markers (e.g. single nucleotide polymorphisms). It can handle parent-offspring (Triads), sibships with (Quads) and without (Sibs) parents, and extended multi-generation pedigree data (General Pedigree). GATOR is able to perform association tests using four different genetic models: general, dominant, recessive, and additive.


Allen AS., Martin E., Qin X., Li Y.J: Genetic Association Tests Based on Ranks (GATOR) for Quantitative Traits With and Without Censoring. Genetic Epidemiology 2006; 30: 248-258.

Curry J.L., Li Y.W., Martin E., Allen, A.S, Li Y.J. The GATOR Program for association analysis on quantitative traits with and without censoring [abstract]. In: American Society of Hum an Genetics 56th Annual Meeting; 2006 Oct 9-13; New Orleans: 2216/A.

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