Dr. Jon Haldeman and Dr. Brett Peterson sucessfully defend PhD Dissertations

We are very proud of two graduate students from DMPI and the Pharmacology Graduate Program, Jonathan Haldeman and Brett Peterson, for defending their PhD dissertations on March 29 (Jon) and March 30 (Brett). Both gave superb oral presentations and passed their subsequent faculty exam with flying colors! 

Jonathan, a student in the Newgard lab, discussed his work on Creation of Versatile Cloning Platforms for Transgene Expression and Epigenome Editing and Their Application to Pancreatic Islet Biology.  Brett, who was jointly mentored by Matt Hirschey and Chris Newgard, presented his studies on Broad Remodeling of the Acetylproteome by SIRT3 Manipulation Fails to Affect Insulin Secretion or Beta-cell Metabolism in the Absence of Dietary Overnutrition.

A rousing reception for both “new doctors” was held on April 7 at DMPI with strong turnout, reflective of the respect and affection that Jon and Brett enjoy from all who have worked with them.  Congratulations and best of luck for the future guys!