Jon Campbell receives ADA Junior Faculty Development Award

DMPI faculty member Jon Campbell has been awarded a Junior Faculty Development grant from the American Diabetes Association.  This competitive award is given to investigators establishing their independence as diabetes researchers, providing salary and research project support for up to four years.

Dr. Campbell’s research, Mechanisms of GIPR Action as a Novel Therapeutic Target for T2D, has been funded for four years by the ADA. GIP is an incretin that allows communication between the gut and key metabolic tissues following a meal. GIP receptor signaling in beta cells is directly linked with function; that is, as beta cell function decreases as one progresses towards T2D, so does GIP receptor signaling. Furthermore, reducing beta cell stress by lowering glycemia can restore GIP receptor signaling. However, the factors that regulate these dynamic chances in GIP receptor signaling in beta cells are largely unknown. This work will investigate the mechanisms by which GIP propagates a signal in beta cell, focusing on key elements that we believe become dysfunctional in T2D beta cells.

Congratulations Jon!