MURDOCK Study aims to understand health and disease

UNC-TV recently did an online feature about the MURDOCK (Measurement to Understand the Reclassification of Disease of Carbarrus/Kannapolis) Study. A Long Look at Longevity describes the study which aims to track the long-term health of participants in surrounding counties from the research site in Kannapolis.

The Duke study hopes to elucidate disease causes and progression and ultimately treatment by following the health of the participants over the course of their lifetime. Duke researchers are collecting large amounts of data on the over 11,500 people enrolled in the study, with the goal of enrolling 50,000.

DMPI faculty member Simon Gregory is using the data to research Multiple Sclerosis, which affects more than 400,000 individuals in the US. “I don’t believe in one mechanism causing a disease,” says Dr. Simon Gregory, Director of the Genomics Core at David H. Murdock Research Institute. His lab is one of several at the Institute using data from the MURDOCK Study. “I think there are many triggers for a disease and to understand them you have to use a lot of approaches. The MURDOCK Study and the bio specimens that are being collected will allow us to approach a very complex problem with very different perspectives.”