Ordered Subset Analysis Case-Control Data Program Version 1.0

Genetic heterogeneity can reduce the power for complex disease gene mapping since only a fraction of the cases in the collected dataset may carry a specific disease susceptibility allele. The Ordered Subset Analysis for Case-Control data (OSACC) program was designed to evaluate evidence for association in the presence of genetic heterogeneity. For a more detailed description of the method and results of an extensive simulation study based on different models of genetic heterogeneity, please see Qin et al. (2010), Ordered Subset Analysis for Case-Control Studies Genetic Epidemiology 34(5), 407-417

Please fill out the form below to download the OSACC Program. The code is written in C++ and is available for the Solaris Sparc and X86 Operating Systems, Linux and Windows. Additionally, an R library package and is available for UNIX and Windows.

If you need OSACC for a different Operating System, please contact xue.qin@duke.edu