Ordered Subset Analysis Program Version 2.1

The OSA program was developed by researchers at the University of Michigan and the Center for Human Genetics (now the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute) at Duke University Medical Center. This work was funded by NIH grant RO1 MH59528.

OSA allows the researcher to evaluate evidence for linkage even when heterogeneity is present in a data set. This is not an unusual occurrence when studying diseases of complex origin. Families are ranked by covariate values in order to test evidence for linkage among homogeneous subsets of families. Because families are ranked, a priori covariate cutpoints are not necessary. Covariates may include linkage evidence at other genes, environmental exposures, or biological trait values such as cholesterol, age at onset, and so on.

Please fill out the form below to download the OSA Program. This version is available for the Solaris 2.7. and Linux 2.4 Operating Systems.

If you need OSA for a different Operating System, please contact elizabeth.hauser@duke.edu.