SIMLA Simulation Software Version 3.3 with graphical interface

The SIMLA3.3 with Graphical User Interface (GUI) is designed for users to set up the SIMLA parameters conveniently. The GUI assists in creating a SIMLA control file based on the parameters specified on the GUI panels. It includes the SIMLA 3.2 program version.

The program is written in JAVA Swing and requires JAVA JDK 6 or above. Information regarding the latest JAVA JDK can be found at

In addition, SIMLA3.3 with GUI includes some tools that are written in R which should be installed before using these tools. R can be obtained at

Users are encouraged to read the SIMLA User's Manual and paper before running the program. Notice that parameters on the GUI panels are designed as buttons. Users can press these buttons to obtain more information about the functions of the parameters. Documentation, which includes a tutorial describing most of the features of the GUI, is included in the package as well.

Please fill out the form below to download the SIMLA_3.3 with GUI program. This version is available for the Solaris, Linux and the Windows Operating Systems only.

If you hava any questions, please contact