X-LRT is a suite of family-based tests for detecting association of X-chromosome genes. This is a likelihood-based approach which can perform hypothesis testing as well as estimation of disease-related marker relative risks under a case-parent design. This test uses nuclear family with a single affected proband and allows additional siblings and missing parental genotypes. This program can test both single marker and haplotypes association. The detail of the theoretical works can be found at Zhang et al. (2008)

Reference: Zhang L, Martin ER, Chung RH, Li YJ, Morris RW. (2008) X-LRT: a likelihood approach to estimate genetic risks and test association with X-linked markers using a case-parents design. Genetic Epidemiology May;32(4):370-80.

X-LRT, version 1.0, is compiled for the Windows platform. Please fill out the form below to download.