XQTL is a family-based allelic/haplotype association test for quantitative traits using X-linked SNP/two-locus markers in a nuclear family design. XQTL adopts the framework of the orthogonal model implemented in the QTDT program with modification of the sex-specific score for X-linked genotypes. XQTL also takes into account the dosage effect due to female X chromosome inactivation.

Zhang L, Martin ER, Morris RW, Li YJ. (2009) Association test for X-linked QTL in family-base d designs. American Journal of Human Genetics (in press).

XQTL, version 1.0, is compiled for the Windows, Solaris and Linux platforms. Please fill out the form below to download.

If you need XQTL for a different operating system, please contact yiju.li@duke.edu.