Single cell and spatial profiling is a field of dynamic, rapidly developing research that is changing the way we view previously intractable problems and which allows for the generation of completely new hypotheses. We hope that you will be active participants in the seminar series and the field at Duke.


Following the tremendously successful Single Cell Colloquium, we are now launching the long-awaited Duke Single Cell Initiative (SCI) Research In Progress (RIP) Seminar Series. The intent of Duke SCI (“sky”) RIP is to create an environment in which ongoing research will be presented in two 30-minute talks by wet and dry lab investigators. 

Zoom link for all seminar dates:

Meeting ID: 952 8380 5573
Passcode: 965440


Monthly Duke SCI RIP seminars will be held on the 4th Monday of the month between 12-1pm, unless otherwise noted. The meetings will be virtual through August 2022, after which time we will meet in MSRBIII Room 1125, rules permitting. Pizza and soda will be served at the in-person meetings.


Date Speaker

October 26, 2021

Zhuzhu Zhang, Salk Institute
Yang Li, UCSD
November 22, 2021 JingTian Zhou, Salk Institute
January 24, 2022 Elliott Sorelle
Simon Gregory
February 28, 2022 Derek Peters
Arinze Okafor
March 15, 2022 Sam Morris, Washington University
(in conjunction with the UPGG Seminar)
March 28, 2022 Elo Madissoon, Sanger Institute, UK
Pretish Murthy
April 25, 2022 Sam Raredon, Yale University
Lisa Sikkema, Sloan Kettering
May 23, 2022 Jack Finlay
Huming wang
June 27, 2022 Changxin Wan
Matt Tegowski
July 25, 2022 Jennifer Zhang


Two 30 minute talks at every meeting

  • Please contact Erin ( if you would like to present
  • Great opportunity to elicit ideas from your peers about data and study design
  • Great opportunity for trainees to ‘road test’ more lengthy talks