Metabolomics/Proteomics Core

Comprehensive surveys of the body's metabolites (“metabolomics”) and proteins (proteomics”) are technologies that can provide deep phenotypes of human subjects, animal models, and cultured cells.  Application of these “omics” technologies allows for the discovery of biomarkers that predict disease incidence, severity, and progression, shedding light on the underlying mechanistic abnormalities. The DMPI Metabolomics/Proteomics Core Laboratory is a leader in applying both targeted and non-targeted mass spectrometry (MS)-based metabolomics to better detect and understand chronic human diseases. The laboratory also routinely applies sophisticated MS methods for analysis of metabolic flux using stable isotope-labeled metabolic substrates.  In parallel, DMPI has developed and applied mass spectrometry-based post-translational modification proteomics (e.g. phospho-proteomics, acyl-proteomics) for mechanistic studies, as well as broader protein survey technologies for clinical/epidemiological applications.