Hans-Ewald Hohmeier, MD, PhD

Hans Hohmeier, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Duke Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Nutrition
Member of Duke Molecular Physiology Institute

Carmichael Building

Hans Hohmeier is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine (Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Nutrition). His research interests focus on factors that control function and viability of mature islet beta-cells and how these factors can be exploited to prevent the loss of beta-cell mass and function in diabetes. Recently, he and his group have successfully identified transcription factors that increase proliferation and function of mature beta-cells. As they continue to investigate how these transcription factors and some of their target genes enhance beta-cell function, increase beta-cell proliferation and provide protection against beta-cell stressors, he and his group hope to discover target genes that can be further developed for the treatment of diabetes. 

PhD, Georg August Universität Göttingen, Germany. MD, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Universität Hannover, Germany