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Introducing Xenium: a leading-edge spatial transcriptomics technology that allows investigators to visualize transcripts at subcellular resolution in the spatial context (10.45x22.45mm) in fresh frozen or FFPE tissue sections. Where Visium is geared towards discovery, Xenium is focused on targeted panels and allows for subcellular resolution. Xenium in situ analyses employs circularizable probes specific to target transcripts that are constructed to bind florescent reporters detectable by the Xenium Analyzer. Onboard the Analyzer, microscope images of the tissue reveal the location of each fluorescently tagged probe. The probes are removed and new probes are bound in a cyclical imaging scheme, creating a unique optical signature for each target over the course of a run. The Xenium assay allows an investigator to visualize up to 300 targets per run and will soon be expanding capabilities for upwards of 1000. Curated panels for human breast, human brain, human lung, mouse brain, mouse tissue atlassing, and human multi-tissue & cancer are currently available, alongside 10x Genomics’ standalone custom panels. More advanced analysis tools are coming soon, including next-generation segmentation. As of September 2023, the MGC has run over 100 Xenium samples, using a variety of panels.

Xenium Spatial Clusters


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