Major papers published by NIH-sponsored MoTrPac consortium in Nature and Nature Metabolism

A group of DMPI scientists are founding members of the NIH Common Fund-sponsored Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Consortium (MoTrPac).  This national, multi-center consortium seeks to apply deep and comprehensive multi-omics analysis to various tissues taken in humans or rats before and after a period of sustained exercise training.  The first phase of studies in rats has reached an endpoint with the publication of two landmark papers in Nature and Nature Metabolism (see paper links) involving co-authorship by our DMPI colleagues pictured here.  From left:  William Kraus, MD, Michael Muehlbauer, PhD, Chris Newgard, PhD, Olga Ilkayeva, PhD and Kim Huffman, MD, PhD.  Drs. Kraus and Huffman have played key organizational roles in the project overall and are leading a clinical intervention site, while Drs. Ilkayeva, Muehlbauer and Newgard lead efforts by the DMPI metabolomics lab resulting in key contributions to analysis of pre-clinical samples as featured in the new papers.