Virginia Kraus Elected Member of Association of American Physicians

Four School of Medicine faculty members were inducted into the Association of American Physicians (AAP) during a joint April 6 meeting of the AAP, the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) and the American Physician-Scientists Association (APSA). Membership in AAP is a distinction recognizing excellence and outstanding achievement.

Among the four is DMPI faculty member Dr. Virginia Kraus, also a professor in the Departments of Medicine, Pathology, and Orthopaedic Surgery. Dr. Kraus researches osteoarthritis, the most prevalent of all forms of arthritis and the second greatest cause of disability worldwide. Her group works to develop novel tools to aid in the diagnosis, prognosis, and effective intervention of the disease.

The Association of American Physicians is a nonprofit, professional organization founded in 1885 for “the advancement of scientific and practical medicine.” The Association is composed of members who are leading senior physician scientists and are competitively selected. The goals of its members include the pursuit of medical knowledge and the advancement through experimentation and discovery of basic and clinical science and their application to clinical medicine. Each year, worthy individuals are recognized by nomination for membership by the Council of the Association. Their election gives them the opportunity to share their scientific discoveries and contributions with their colleagues at the annual meeting.