Senthil Selvaraj, MD, MS, MA
Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Member of Duke Molecular Physiology Institute
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Carmichael Building



Senthil Selvaraj, MD, MS, MA, is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute and the Division of Cardiology at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Selvaraj’s translational research explores the therapeutic relevance of cardiovascular metabolism to patients with heart failure. Through early phase work, his research employs deep phenotyping to decipher metabolic mechanisms that may be leveraged for cardiovascular benefit. These studies characterize dynamic changes in exercise physiology, biomarker profiles integrating multi-omic platforms, echocardiography, arterial stiffness, metabolic molecular imaging techniques, and several other modalities. More recently, this line of inquiry has explored the potential benefits of endogenous and exogenous ketogenic therapies among patients with heart failure. Dr. Selvaraj’s work is currently or recently funded by the National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Mandel Foundation, Heart Center Leadership Council, Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, and American Society for Nuclear Cardiology.