Simon Gregory among group of international members selected to 10x Genomics CTRN

DMPI faculty member Simon Gregory’s Molecular Genomics Core is among the first 45 international members selected for participation in 10x Genomics Visium Clinical Translational Research Network (CTRN). The first members were selected from 185 total applications and represent a diverse range of studies that are taking place around the world. Members are focused on research in oncology, immuno-oncology, neuroscience, infectious disease, inflammation and fibrosis, COVID-19, including Dr. Gregory’s Alzheimer Research, done in collaboration with Dianne Cruz and Jerry Wang of Duke Neurology. The 10x Genomics Visium CTRN was established to improve and accelerate workflows related to assessing the spatial cellular relationship in clinical translational research studies. Visium has the potential to aid in many clinical translational research applications, including biomarker and drug target discovery, engineered immune cell therapy and clinical trial development.

Members gain exclusive access to a collaborative, global research community dedicated to accelerating clinical translational research workflows, as well as substantial discounts and specialized support relating to the 10x Genomics Visium platform.

The 10x Genomics CTRN Spatial Summit, the details of which are expected to be revealed later this year, will feature talks by various members. Dr. Gregory will be presenting his research at the Summit.