The Biomarkers Core is a component of the laboratory of Dr. Virginia Kraus.This Core assists investigators with the design and implementation of molecular and protein assays to evaluate biochemical and inflammatory markers. In addition the Core specializes in analyses of joint tissue metabolites.

Services include:

  • Training and education in biomarker analysis techniques;
  • Advice in sample management and preparation as well as to the design for optimizing biomarker analyses;
  • Biospecimens for pilot analyses to determine species specificity and feasibility of specific biomarker analyses;
  • Collaboration: The Kraus laboratory maintains a strong interest in advancing the qualification of biomarkers for clinical use and welcomes any inquiries concerning potential collaborations to further this aim.


The list of analytes below represents some of the many biomarkers that can be analyzed in a variety of body fluids (serum, plasma, synovial fluid, urine) and multiple species through this Core.

Inflammatory markers:

  • Cytokines (single- and multi-plex)
  • Adipokines/Chemokines
  • C-reactive Protein (CRP)


  • Urea
  • Lactate
  • Glucose
  • Pyruvate

Joint tissue metabolites:


  • Type II collagen (synthesis and degradation)
  • Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein (COMP)
  • Hyaluronan (HA)
  • Keratan sulfate (KS)


  • Type I collagen degradation
  • Alkaline phosphatase:
  • Osteocalcin

Matrix metalloproteinases

Glycated serum albumin

This does not represent an exhaustive list so inquiries are welcomed to discuss capabilities to meet the needs of the individual investigator.

Personnel/Contact Information

Director: Virginia Byers Kraus, MD, PhD
Office phone: 919-681-6652
Fax: 919-684-8907

Manager: Janet Huebner, MS
Office phone: 919-681-6703
Fax: 919-684-8907